"When intricately woven together, broken, shattered and cracked pieces of glass make beautiful mosaics and unique entities." 

This is not only a saying Yolanda has 
developed but is also the guiding philosophy she has adopted as a resident in counseling.  As a graduate of Liberty University, with a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, Yolanda joined Family Room Services because of her like-mindedness of embracing a holistic approach to dealing with the wounds experienced during life's journey.  Her passion for connecting with individuals, couples, and families stems from her desire to help those find an inner connection to their existence. 

Yolanda has been a military spouse for over 15 years, in which she has dedicated the majority of those years as a homemaker.  She has found that a positive home environment begins with a healthy self and healthy boundaries. Yolanda identifies with families who are under a lot of pressure with the stress of work, the role of parenting, and the expectation to do it all and be perfect.  Unfortunately, trauma, depression, and anxiety can immobilize the best of us, and therefore, Yolanda wisely uses an integrative approach to meet the individual needs of clients, while incorporating evidence-based interventions, which are visual and hands-on (IMPACT Therapy) in nature. 

At Family Room Services, Yolanda strives to provide clients with a safe environment in which proactive thinking skills develop.  It is her desire for clients to gain a new outlook on life, gain a deeper spiritual connection if desired, and overall to live, laugh, and love again while gaining a healthier mind, body, and soul.

Office Fees:  

  • Evaluation Session - $100
  • Follow up - $60​

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Yolanda Lane, Resident in Professional Counseling

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