Annetta Thomas, Resident in Professional Counseling

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Clients are responsible for payment at the time of service. 

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Office Fees:  

  • Evaluation Session - $100
  • Follow up - $60​
  1. Communication 
  2. Resentment 
  3. Poor work performace
  4. Financial problems
  5. Bad breakup
  6. Anxiety
  7. Poor self-esteem
  8. ​Anger
  9. ​Disappointment

Annetta is a counselor and a part of the Assessment Team, who conducts intake and assessment interviews for Family Room Services.  She is skilled in assessing the needs of clients and making necessary referrals.

 Annetta maintains a Top Secret (TS) clearance and understands the importance of discretion and client confidentiality.  She has experience working with federal government, state and local law enforcement employees.  Annetta’s knowledge and direct experience make her the ideal career coach for federal employees and applicants.  She has experience working with different populations in various settings.  Annetta's compassionate, yet firm demeanor enables her to connect well with women struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, and transition issues.

 Annetta is completing her Virginia LPC licensure requirements under the direct supervision of Dr. Jenkins.  She was selected and comes highly recommended by Dr. Dave Jenkins because of her compassion and advanced clinical skills. 

Please contact Annetta for a free 15-minute consultation for services.