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Family Room Services provides marriage therapy and couples counseling for couples that are struggling to communicate, initiate romance, intimacy, sex, and dealing with affairs.  We help couple recover and decide if the relationship is worth improving and investing in.  Sometimes moving forward is about discovering who you really are and be authentic enough to let others know too.  We help wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, and partners define and redefine their roles within their relationship through counseling in Fredericksburg, VA. 

Family Room Services does not accept insurance.  Check your policy.  Most insurance companies do not reimburse for sex therapy, couples or marital therapy. 

Our professional staff is also experienced working with adults and adolescences. We are helping families connect and develop healthy boundaries and respect for each other.  We work with individuals to address and manage trauma, anxiety, depression, and stress. 

As Christian Therapists, we know the importance of a solid spiritual foundation.  We don't preach to you, but we will pray with you upon your request.  Our goal is to help you rediscover balance and peace.  

Call for an appointment today  888-317-7795.

"We Provide Exceptional Counseling  and Therapy

for Teens, Individuals and Couples within the Fredericksburg Area"

Partnership is a two-way street.  Rediscover out how to be best friends again.



A great relationship is high maintenance.   Study "spousology" at our online institute.  

Our clinicians will tailor a treatment plan to help you meet your goal and to become comfortable living in your own skin. 

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